About Us

Our Story

Born out of a love for bringing brightness and fun to the everyday, Aigoo was established in the summer of 2020. First forming as an independent store in Shoreditch, London, owner Anya's quirky point of view has led to a thoughtful curation of products from all around the world: each one chosen to be an every day staple that brings joy to mundane moments. 

In 2023, we've refreshed our brand and introduced Kiko and Juni, two lovely mascots that represent Aigoo's unique perspective! Meet them here: Kiko & Juni.


"Oh My Gosh!"

"Aigoo" is a Korean word meaning OMG! As a brand, we are all about eliciting that excited reaction in our customers. Bringing you into a playful, personal space - somewhere you can find your next daily favourite product, chat with our staff, and discover something new among the colourful shelves.


Curated Collections

Across Korean skincare, stationery, gifts, clothing and accessories, being independent gives us the freedom to pick and choose the best of the best! When picking items and brands to stock, Aigoo looks for colourful whimsy without sacrificing quality and practicality. Sourcing customer-requested K-Beauty favourites or finding amazing local artists for our greeting card selection has always been our MO. So far, we have a range of brands from the UK, Korea, Japan, Germany and France, but we are always on the lookout for even more of the best brands and products to bring to you!


Little Joys

As an independent shop that's been steadily growing into what it is now, we have been able to hold onto our values and strengthen what we love about Aigoo. Keeping an honest, welcoming mindset; improving the mundane with reasonably priced unique products; always having fun; and exploring how to add joy to every day. 



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