Kiko and Juni!

These two friends embody everything Aigoo is about. Though they may be different, Kiko and Juni love to share quiet (and noisy) moments together. They can't wait to meet Aigoo customers and introduce their favourite skincare tips and tricks, journalling methods... and maybe even show you a glimpse into their world now and then on our socials!



Birthday: 24.06
Species: Cat
Personality: Quirky, cheerful, energetic. Kiko loves their friends and talks a mile a minute. Big things come in small packages!
Likes: Self care days, naps in sunny patches, drawing pictures for Juni's diary!!!
Dislikes: Naps outside of sunny patches. 
Fun Fact: Kiko's markings represent a sheet mask design! They sometimes cut holes in sheet masks for optimal whisker care.



Birthday: 08.11
Species: Bird
Personality: Quiet but welcoming, smart, glamorous. Juni helps people around them spread their wings and loves sharing interests with others.
Likes: Fashion, journalling, writing. Keeping a diary every day is happiness!
Dislikes: Ink splotches on a fresh page...
Fun Fact: Juni wishes they had earlobes to wear earrings, but taking pictures of Kiko will do!