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Weekly Planner Choices: Notebook VS Notepad

Planners are a key item for all stationery and organisation lovers. Having a specific planner allows you to manage your time the way that works for you: with options like monthly, weekly or daily layouts. Weekly Planner at Aigoo also come with the benefit of being beautifully designed and made of quality materials, perfect for work use or planning for the excitement of the day-to-day. In this blog, we’ll introduce some benefits of using a weekly planner and the different formats available to suit your needs!

The Significance of Weekly Planning

Weekly planners are characterised by their weekly layouts – seeing a week at a time allows you to mentally prepare for the tasks ahead, as well as look forward to fun events! Due to the layout of weekly planners, they offer more space per day than monthly formats, while still allowing you to get a good sense of what is coming up. The weekly format is one of the most versatile planner formats, often also having room for notes. Utilise the note space by setting mindful goals for the week, writing quick notes during the week, or jotting down a grocery list. Many of our planners are compact and portable, perfect for use on the go. If you prefer to plan your week at your desk, desktop notepads are a great option too! 

Notepad VS Notebook: Which Suits You Best?

By exploring the key qualities of both types of planner, we’ll aim to help you decide on your next organisational staple. We’ve also included our favourites of each kind!

Spotlight: Weekly Planner Notepads

The tear-away binding of a notepad is what makes it uniquely suited to desk-lovers and families. One page encompasses the entire week and can be put on the fridge or attached to a whiteboard for household management! Many customers who come in for notepad planners use them to keep track of kids’ school schedules. One notable customer mentioned they use a weekly notepad to plan meal recipes for their elderly aunt. University students can also take advantage of the pinboards commonly provided by halls to plan out longer projects alongside social events too!

Redfries - Week Of Weekly Planner | AIGOO

Our favourite weekly notepad: the Week Of’ Weekly Planner by Redfries. 

This quirkily designed weekly planner has tons of space, laid out in a retro ruled style. It comes in both a blue and red colourway, and a gradient rainbow colourway. The little note in the top left reminds you to take on the day with a positive attitude, which we love!

Spotlight: Weekly Planner Notebooks

A notebook often provides more variety in layout than a notepad, often coming with ruled pages for notes, monthly overviews, and extra accoutrements like yearly calendars. Like other kinds of notebooks, weekly planners come in many different sizes to suit any need. Pocket sized planners fit in small bags or pockets to be handy for last minute plans, while larger planners have more page space for detailed tasks. There really is something for everyone. Another perk of a notebook planner is being able to keep it after it is used up, having a bound book of all your achievements and activities over a long duration of time! If you like bullet journalling, but want to keep it manageable and simple, weekly planners can be a great alternative to a diary too.

Notem - MILO Weekly Planner Notebook | AIGOO

Our favourite weekly planner notebook: the MILO Weekly Planner Notebook by Notem. 

This thin, portable planner is slightly smaller than a B5 notebook, allowing you to slip it into your tote or handbag on the go. The classy grid design is perfect for corporate environments, while the interior layout is classically minimalist with lots of space for notes. The design of the interior is light and unobtrusive, to match with a clear and focused mindset.

Aigoo: The Best UK's Weekly Planner

Here at Aigoo, we source stationery from all over the world to bring you the best curated selection. Our planners come from places such as Denmark, and Korea, for a variety of design and usage styles. We partner with quality brands with amazing print processes – ask us more about these items in store! Practicality meets luxury with these beautifully designed offerings. Browse our selection to find a planner that suits you at our latest collections of Weekly Planner, or check out our wider stationery range for alternative layout planners and other fun goodies.

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