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Stud Earring Showcase: Elevate Every Outfit

Stud Earrings are a classic style with endless versatility. The butterfly closures we use at Aigoo make sure you can be confident in never losing an earring, creating a secure seal that closes behind the lobe. Studs come in more designs than just the original simple solitaires – dangles, statement pieces are all options available.

A Spotlight on Our Exclusive Trending Collection of Small Stud Earrings

Some of our favourite new arrivals!

Latte Bear Stud Earrings | AIGOO Latte Cat Stud Earrings | AIGOO
The Latte Cat and Latte Bear studs are inspired by tea flavours, matcha, hojicha and milk tea. With swirling colour and shiny gold details, this duo design is perfect for matching besties. 

Lava Heart Stud Earrings | AIGOO
These Lava Heart Stud Earrings are dripping with uniqueness, but still align with the melty, organic forms often found in trendy jewellery nowadays.

Woven Half Heart Stud Earrings | AIGOO
These Woven Half Heart Studs perfectly showcase the versatility of studs. The butterfly closures provide stability to this statement design!

How To Style Your Studs

Stud earrings are so varied that you can pair them with any combination of accessories and clothing to best express your own personal style. Here are some tips to help you on your styling journey:

Matching Your Outfit! For fans of a brighter look, matching colours is always a simple and high-impact way to pair your accessories to your closet. Try matching similar tones for a monochromatic look, or pair complementary colours together for a harmonious effect.

Coordinating With Other Jewellery! Lots of avid jewellery aficionados are loyal to their favourite metals – delicate golds or bold silvers. Matching the tones of the metals in your accessories is a good way to create a cohesive and elegant result, or try metal mixing for something a little quirkier. Aigoo offers jewellery with recurring motifs such as ribbons or hearts, letting you match your necklace to your earrings for special occasions.  

Aigoo: Your Destination for Korean Stud Earrings in the UK

Aigoo’s Korean Jewellery is all sourced directly from Korean manufacturers and curated with our playful, yet classy aesthetic in mind. South Korea is known for accessories with flair and we definitely love bringing the best of the best to our customers here in the UK. 

Dive into our collection of Stud Earrings or look through all our accessories to start creating a staple collection!

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