Skincare Simplified: Korean masks

Skincare Simplified: Korean masks

Aigoo stocks a ginormous range of Korean masks, whether they’re sheet, clay, peel-off, or overnight masks. We’re solving six common skin concerns with the most effective Korean masks you can get.

There’s way more to the world of Korean masks than just sheet masks. Though they’re useful for plane rides or baths, there’s a wide variety of masks to help you with your problems – and we’re showcasing six incredible masks from six Korean brands.  

Dry, dehydrated skin

Sheet masks are most commonly used to deal with tight, dry skin – after all, soaking your skin with a sheet mask full of essence is a fantastic instant solution. However, if you’re consistently experiencing dehydrated skin, why not try overnight masks? These masks work by being applied just before you go to sleep, so you wake up with refreshed, supple skin. This provides more intense hydration than your average sheet mask. 

COSRX’s Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask is a versatile product designed to ease you into the world of overnight masks. It has a lightweight texture and uses 68% rice extract, which prodives deep nutrition and moisturisation to dry skin. But it’s one of our favourite masks because of its versatility; you can use this as a PM cream, a wash-off mask, or an overnight mask!

Sensitive, irritated skin

No one wants to be stuck with inflammation or sensitive skin; luckily, sheet masks are a great alternative to creams if you need immediate results. Benton’s Aloe Soothing Mask Pack is specifically designed towards those with sensitive skin. Its mask is made of Tencel, a plant-based material known for its smooth, pleasant texture. All of its ingredients are vegan and pregnancy-safe, like many other Benton products.

This mask is most known for its two key ingredients, aloe vera and green tea. Aloe is well- known for its calming properties, whilst green tea helps reduce inflammation. Together, these ingredients deliver the ultimate experience to reduce skin sensitivity in a flash.

Oily, pore-clogged skin

When your skin looks and feels congested, you know it’s time for a mask! In this case, a clay or peel off mask is best suited to clarifying your pores – these masks adhere to excess sebum and physically pull it out of your skin. It’s much more effective than a sheet mask! 

Innisfree’s Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is famous for its formulation, which works quickly to improve skin texture. It uses natural volcanic clusters from Jeju, which draws out impurities and oil from the skin. Smearing this on your skin and leaving for 10-15 minutes will result in visibly clearer skin in no time.

Dull, tired skin

If your skin is looking flat and exhausted, you need sheet masks with nutritious ingredients to refresh your face. Jumiso’s First Skin Sheet Mask is a brightening mask that uses some unconventional ingredients to get your skin back to its naturally glowy state.

Though it includes niacinamide in its ingredients list – a common chemical known to brighten skin – it also lists salmon roe, which is rich in Vitamin A and E. That’s right: this mask uses salmon roe in order to rejuvenate your skin! Jumiso’s vegan and alcohol/fragrance-free mask is beloved for its use of salmon roe to make your skin look dazzling.

Wrinkles and aging

Though there’s nothing wrong with ageing, some people prefer to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Sheet masks can definitely help temporarily reduce wrinkles and lines – especially with the help of ingredients such as peptides or collagen. 

Dr Jart’s Intra Jet Wrinkless Solution Sheet Mask is specifically engineered to tackle this problem. Its use of a thermosensitive gel means that the mask will adhere tightly to the skin, allowing the ingredients in the sheet mask to fully penentrate the skin for maximum results. Not only that, but Dr Jart’s mask is packed with bio-peptides, collagen, elastin, and adenosine – all key ingredients in reducing the signs of ageing.  

Puffy skin

In intense heat (or after a cheeky night out), it’s easy for your face to feel puffy and red. Yes, we’re here to tell you there’s even a sheet mask for that! Isntree’s Puffy Face Fit Cooling Mask is formulated to rapidly cool bloated skin.

Using Naju pears and xylitol, these two ingredients work to depuff the skin in an instant. The use of these natural ingredients means that you’ll receive low-irritant cooling care, making this suitable even for sensitive skin. The mask is made of fabric and egg white powder; the heat of your face will cause this particular mask to shrink to your face, so you’ll get the perfect fit and a depuffed face!


This is just the tip of the iceberg – Aigoo stocks such a wide range of masks, all of which you can find online or in store!  

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