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Korean Sheet Masks: Unfolding The Secret To Glowing Skin

Korean sheet masks are one of Korea’s most beloved skincare creations. Over the years, innovation in this space has lead to an unending number of different formulations. From cream types to essence, hydrogel bases to microfibre bases, and so much more, sheet masks are an excellent way to give skin a targeted boost that addresses dire skin concerns.

The Science Behind Korean Sheet Masks

Sheet masks deliver a concentrated boost of active ingredients to the skin due to their duration of use and volume of product – here are some of our favourite common ingredients!

Mugwort – this soothing plant combats redness and calms the skin down, perfect for using after experiencing tube pollution. Our Round Lab Mugwort Sheet Mask includes Mugwort grown by the sea in Jeju, providing unique nutrients found in that environment.

Centella – another soothing heavy hitter, this plant has ‘roots’ in traditional herbal medicine and also delivers moisture to the skin. Pyunkang Yul Centella Calming Sheet Mask is packed with centella as well as ceramides, panthenol and 5 different hyaluronic acids to help hydrate the skin. 

Fermented Tea – nature’s anti-aging Kombucha combats wrinkles and revitalises skin. Pyunkang Yul’s Black Tea Revitalising Mask Pack also includes peptides and collagen to improve the effect of the active black tea.

The Art of Using a Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are simple to use. Simply unfold the mask with clean hands and smooth it onto your prepped skin. You can fold the excess material over to match the contours of your face. Leave on for the directed time and pat the excess product into the skin after – don’t rinse unless directed to by the mask! By adhering to your face during use, sheet masks help these actives absorb effectively on all surface areas. Make sure not to wear them longer than the directed time as leaving a mask to dry on your face can have an adverse effect of drawing moisture back out of your skin.

Finding the Perfect Mask for Your Skin

Customers who come in asking for help often bring up these three skin concerns, so we decided to include a few recommendations! 

Round Lab - Sheet Masks (Soybean, Birch, Pine Cica, Mugwort)

Hydration boosters – For dry and dehydrated skin, we recommend Round Lab’s Birch Sheet Mask. This is a water-ampoule style mask, meaning a lightweight feel with strong actives (birch sap and hyaluronic acid).

Benton - Goodbye Redness Centella Sheet Mask Pack

Acne and Blemish Fighters – To fight acne and help calm the skin to prevent further breakouts, we’d suggest the Goodbye Redness Centella Mask Pack from Benton. The acne spot cream in the same line is well known for being potent and effective, so this sheet mask version is the perfect choice for preventative care.

Brightening and Anti-Aging – One of our newest additions, Abib’s Collagen Gel Sheet Mask line comes in 3 varieties, allowing you to choose a personalised secondary effect while taking care of your skin with 100,005 ppm of collagen extract and collagen boosting peptides.

Aigoo: The Authentic Destination to Buy Korean Sheet Masks in the UK

Sheet masks are our best selling selection and the widest range of brands we carry. Due to being an independent store, we have the ability to take customer recommendations into account with quick action and pick out all the best new masks direct from Korea. Come by to check out our selection and take advantage of our Buy 5, Get 1 Free sheet mask promotion in store, or look through our Korean Sheet Mask selection online.


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