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Korean Makeup UK: A Fusion of Trends, Techniques and Where to Shop

Korean makeup trends have become popular worldwide, largely due to the Hallyu wave and integration with pop culture through idol stage makeup and more. Due to social media, more styles of makeup created by content creators have trended globally, leading to a melting pot of influences in the makeup space. 

Distinctive Traits of Korean Makeup

Dewy, natural complexions are a key feature of most Korean makeup looks. Dating back to the Joseon Dynasty, clear and glowy skin has been a Korean beauty standard, causing innovation in both skincare and cosmetic products to achieve this.

Gradient Lips and Blurry Application of Lip Products – The unique application method of tapping product into the centre of the lip and blending it outwards with a visible blur. This technique was very different to Western trends at the time, but stuck in makeup lover’s minds with its soft effect.

Straight Brows – This brow shape makes the face look more gentle. Originally created by Koreans, this look compliments Asian features well! With Tiktok filters that show us different brow shapes, consumers are more open to finding alternative brow styles that may suit their features.

Top Korean Makeup Trends Now in the UK

Glass Skin – To achieve this luminous and translucent effect, hydration, clarity and glow are key. Look for ingredients like niacinamide and vitamin C for glow and hyaluronic acid for hydration! 

Pops of pastel – Pastels are a Korean makeup favourite, often paired with a stronger lip colour or a hint of glitter. Our tip – use a little pale pink blush under the eyes to balance the harmony of the face.

The Minimalist Eye – Though you can add glitter or chrome to an eye look, often the eyeliner and colours are subtle and lovely. Our tip – use a brown eyeliner like the Oh M'eye Line Eyeliner to tie together the softer colours, or line your eyes with an angled brush and some darker eyeshadow for a subtle, blended look.

The Best Korean Makeup Brands Now Available in the UK

Rom&nd - Juicy Lasting Lip Tint | Korean Makeup | AIGOO

Rom&nd – Their blushes and lip tints can be found in every Korean cosmetics lover’s bag. They have expanded upon what we think of as a lip tint, including classic glossy tints like the Juicy Lasting Lip Tint, semi-matte neutral tones with the Milk Tea Velvet Tint, and even a balm-tint combo with high shine in the Glasting Melting Balm.

Etude House – One of the older, established brands. They provide a variety of tints and accessories such as headbands too. Their Dear Darling Water Lip Tint is an amazing water-based tint that predates Benefit’s Benetint, with an affordable price point too.

Aigoo: Your Trusted Destination for Korean Cosmetics in the UK

Come by to try out the Korean Makeup we have in store in UK! You can also do patch tests to make sure products react well with your skin. Aigoo stocks nothing but the best of authentic K-Beauty in UK, direct from Korea – check out our Korean Makeup selection to shop online, no long wait times and delivery across borders.

We love seeing the creativity that comes out of combining Korean and UK trends! Use the hashtag #aigooloves to share your makeup looks with us for a chance to be featured on our website or social media!

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