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Claw Clip Showcase: New In For The Season

Claw clips are the answer to convenience and cuteness. Rising rapidly in popularity as a fashion item, the claw clip is beloved by many as an easy breezy way to style a messy up-do with volume. At Aigoo, we offer a large variety of claw clips ranging from kitschy to classic, groups of friends have lots of options to add a matching touch to their outfits.

Claw Hair Clips: New Arrivals This Season

Some of our favourite new arrivals!

Denim Darling Loop Claw Clip | Claw Hair Clips | AIGOO   Denim Darling Bows Claw Clip | Claw Hair Clips | AIGOO

 Denim Darling Petit Loop Claw Clip | Claw Hair Clips | AIGOO

The Denim Darling line gives a Kpop group feel of cohesiveness while being unique! The Loop Claw Clip has our classic loop silhouette with pearl charm details. For a more coquette feel, the bow accented Bows Claw Clip has a streamlined silhouette with partial denim coverage. The smaller Petit Loop Claw Clip draws elements for both and can be used to style pigtails due to its smaller size!


Speaking of our staple loop silhouette, both the Pearly Bow Loop and Pearly Wave Loop claw clips are fun variations of this classic shape. The Pearly Bow Loop features a three-looped bow with balletcore vibes, while the Pearly Wave Loop has a ribbon-like organic form! A perfect compliment to their two stunning iridescent shades.

How To Style a Claw Clip

Claw clips can be used to pull back hair from the face, which is why so many people carry one around for convenience. Whether pulling a section back for a half-up, half-down look, or gathering all your hair in a twist-up, claw clips can also reflect your sense of style!

Colour Cohesion: You can use colour to combine different elements of an outfit harmoniously. Try matching your jewellery or outfit, or accenting your hair with a contrast colour. For example, if you have dark hair, bright and light colours will stand out in your hair. Hair accessories also can be used to draw out the colour of your eyes! 

Statement Pieces: Novelty and kitschy claw clips have trended on Tiktok for their fun, yet practical, appeal. Something you use every day should make you smile! Finding something that suits your personality guarantees it’ll match your vibe every day, no matter the outfit.

Aigoo: Your Destination for Korean Claw Clips in the UK

Here at Aigoo, we source our claw clips directly from Korean manufacturers. We love bringing in new designs, and rotate out the stock multiple times a season! If you love something you see from us, make sure to cop it quick as the claw clip cycle moves quickly. We love bringing these unique designs, full of charm and fun, to our customer base here in the UK. Dive into our collection of hair accessories here!
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