Brand Basics: WXY Scents

Brand Basics: WXY Scents

In recent years, there’s been a huge shift from candles made from paraffin wax to plant-based waxes. Paraffin wax is inexpensive, it holds a lot of fragrance, and the kinds of candle shapes it can produce are versatile. Unfortunately, paraffin has some really damaging qualities: as it’s a by-product of crude oil, paraffin wax is non-renewable. It’s also reported that it produces toxins that have been linked to serious health conditions, such as asthma and cancer.

Founded in 2019, WXY is one of the companies dedicated to proving that plant-based wax candles are just as good as any other high-end brand. Plant-based waxes are renewable, and they’re much healthier for your lungs, too. Each WXY candle has a strong scent throw, meaning that it will perfume your room no matter if it’s lit or not. And trust us: by the end of this post, you’ll definitely want these candles in your homes!

However, it’s not enough to just make candles nowadays, and that’s where WXY surpasses countless other brands. They donate 3% of each purchase to MIND Charity, one of the prominent mental health charities in the UK. Buying from WXY not only means you’re helping the environment – you’re contributing to helping mental health awareness around the country.  

Aigoo stocks plenty of WXY scents, and each of their five ranges has its own personality. Welcome to the world of WXY!



The Classic line offers you staple scents in simple, clean packaging at an affordable price. Each label provides a pop of colour to a room, whether that’s the calming lilac of ‘eos’ to the bright ochre of ‘om’.

There’s a candle for everyone here: ‘bed’, for instance, is a pleasant, neutral scent perfect for complementing bedrooms. Meanwhile, ‘juiced’ has fragrant cucumber notes that can refresh any living space – imagine sitting outside in summer on the patio smelling this! For those with a sweet tooth, we also love ‘nights’: its warm, vanilla base is like a comforting hug in a candle.



Perhaps the Classic line was a bit too simple – enter the Electro Range, whose zany packaging is perfect for those looking for a more youthful, energetic candle! This range encases its candles in a holographic jar, which you could definitely reuse as containers for household items.

These candles tend to be on the sweeter side: ‘surge’ uses green shoots and freshwater to deliver an aquatic, rejuvenating scent. Don’t miss out on ‘amped’, either; its blend of coconut, vanilla and orchid produces a lovely mix of floral and fruity smells perfect for the summer.  




For those looking for a more elegant, understated candle, try WXY’s Black range. Each candle comes in a matte black glass jar – and pitch-black wax to match. The Black range is also focused on dark, seductive scents such as narcotic flowers in ‘deep.’, or santal embers in ‘pitch.




The Umbra range still maintains the slick, gothy appearance of the Black range – this time, each candle is packaged in a thick glass jar with a wide, wooden wick. You also get a free cloth bag to store your candle in!

You’ll find a lot of citrusy undertones in the Umbra range; ‘522’ has notes of orange blossom and bergamot, whilst ‘519’ uses lemon and bergamot along with other floral smells such as jasmine and iris.




If Umbra is still too dark for you, try the Amber series – it uses the same luxurious glass jar and wooden wick, but this time in a rich, bottle-brown shade and cream cloth bag. These candles are much more woody; you’ll find Sumatran pine, frankincense, and bamboo in these waxes.

We stock all of these – and more – at our Putney and Shoreditch shop, so come in and feel free to smell!

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