Brand Basics: Poi Co

Brand Basics: Poi Co

Korea has a long history of paper craft; Poi Co are one of the latest brands making incredible stationery from the finest Korean paper.

Designed in London and partially made in South Korea, Poi Co put functionality first with their elegant designs. If you’re looking for aesthetic, calming stationery with a purpose, look no further than their 3-in-1 planner or their Log Journal.

At Aigoo, we love anything that’s cute and colourful – but it has to be high-quality, too. Today, we’re breaking down what makes Poi Co’s paper products so special.

3-in-1 planner

The 3-in-1 planner handily has three different sections: a to-do list, a monthly planner, and a daily planner. For those who need to keep a detailed list of their lives, whilst wanting a more holistic view of their time, the 3-in-1 planner is perfect for you.

This planner is designed to lay flat, so you can fill every crevice with important information. It makes writing way more comfortable, too! Poi Co’s design proves how they go the extra mile to making classy, classic stationery.

The cover is also gorgeous to look at – we stock two colours, purple, and green. It’s made of British paper on the front, and the inside is made of Korean paper from the Hansol mill. Hansol paper is eco-friendly and beautiful to look at. Not only that, the 3-in-1 planner is also printed with soy-based ink, which makes it easier to recycle and kinder to the environment.

Log Journal

If you’d rather jot down your thoughts, try Poi Co’s Log journal, which comes in sophisticated neutral shades designed to complement any colour scheme you like. These calming journals again use flat-lay binding for ease and comfort.

The cover for the journal actually comes from an Italian mill called Favini, which is more textured than the planner. Inside, you can chose a lined, dotted, or gridded paper. It’s printed with 7mm lining or 5mm dots, meaning you can customise your journal to your handwriting.

For those who want stylish, practical stationery that celebrates craft and artisanry, why not browse our selection of journals in store? Feel the beautiful paper yourselves at BOXPARK, Shoreditch, or Putney Exchange today! 

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