Brand Basics: Crispin Finn

Brand Basics: Crispin Finn

In the beginning, Anna Fidalgo and Roger Kelly sat down in a pub, bemoaning all the ugly yearly planners. Yearly planners are deisgned to be looked at all year round – why not make them look beautiful?

Combining fine arts and design, Fidalgo and Kelly combined forces to create Crispin Finn, which produces practical, purposeful, yet pretty products. Every Crispin Finn product is designed in their signature red, white, and blue colour scheme, with a minimalist, retro approach. At Aigoo, what we really love is their cheeky attitude – especially in their cocktail cards!

We’re going to run you through Crispin Finn’s essential products beyond their yearly planner, and why they’ve gained a loyal following for multiple years running.

The Yearly Planner

Crispin Finn are experts at designing yearly planners, and the 2022/23 Academic Planner is no exception. This planner is economic – instead of wasting space with full names of the month, they’ve reduced it to stylish intials, each season separated by a different colour. You’ll also notice that the weekends are underlined in red, making the weeks much easier to navigate.

This planner also provides a lunar calendar, daylight savings, and bank holidays, all without cluttering the page (a miracle, if you ask us!). What’s more, this planner is hand-made and screen-printed by Crispin Finn themselves. Its use of lithography really makes it feel like a work of art you want to hang on your wall.

Other Planners

There’s a wider range of planners to offer at Crispin Finn. We especially love their daily planner, for those who prefer a more in-depth approach to their time management. They’ve recently updated their packaging to a sturdy, carboard to better encase the planner.

The Day Notepad is divided into six sections. Three are dedicated to specific time period of the day (morning, afternoon, evening). But the Crispin Finn planners are especially useful because of their other three sections, dedicated to prioritising your tasks. Other planners focus only on the day, meaning that it’s difficult to know what’s coming up next. The Crispin Finn planner dedicates space to urgent and future tasks, ensuring that you won’t lose track of time!

Cocktail Card series

We love these cocktail cards – they’re the perfect accompaniment to any gift for your friends! Not only do they have a lovely design on the front, they have actual recipes on the back too – inspired by recipe cards found in Kelly’s parents’ kitchen.

There’s multiple drinks to choose from, so you can pair your loved ones with their favourite drinks. Like their other products, these cocktail cards are screen-printed, combining artisanry with with artistry.

This is just the tip of the iceberg - Aigoo stocks way more Crispin Finn products, all of which are available in-store or online!

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