Brand Basics: COSRX

Brand Basics: COSRX

You're all probably already familiar with the internet darling of Korean skincare brands, COSRX. Aigoo has loved this brand for ages -- we've even published a beginner's guide to a COSRX exclusive skincare routine here!

But what makes this brand such a cult classic across the world? This blog will look into some of the brand's special points that set it apart from others. We've also included our best selling product from the brand that has proven its effectiveness to skincare fanatics at the end. 

The Name 'COSRX'

COSRX came from the words 'cosmetics' and 'rx', meaning prescription. Like many Korean products, the brand focuses on irritation as a key problem all skin types face, finding solutions to that in their short but effective ingredient lists with lots of calming heavy hitters. As a shop based in London, we are all too familiar with the irritation that comes with the tube or pollution -- Korean skincare is perfect for Londoners too!

Easy for Everyone

You may have noticed the straightforward and specialised products the brand carries, such as their BHA Blackhead Power Liquid, or Poreless Power Liquid. COSRX has been a brand driven by user data -- finding common skin problems and solving them with clear and directive products. They're made to be understandable to beginners: if you have problems with blackheads, the Blackhead Power Liquid will take care of it. It doesn't get much simpler than that. The classic, no-nonsense packaging is just another aspect of this brand's vision and values of simplicity and ease, you can see the product through the matte glass and read the details with no distraction.

The Brand Next Door

COSRX has grown to be a well known household name, and they've worked hard to make that so. Focusing on helping their customers understand skincare for over 10 years now, they've also worked directly in the influencer marketing and content creation spaces to make sure people understand their products and ingredients well. And it has worked -- Snail Mucin, an ingredient that isn't very appealing when you first hear of it, has become wildly popular with COSRX's line of snail products at its helm. Imagine where us skincare lovers would be if we hadn't opened our minds to the benefits of happy snails!

and finally,

Our Best Seller - The Pimple Patch

COSRX's Acne Pimple Patches, the red hydrocolloid version.

This product stands in a league of its own amongst western and Asian pimple solutions. Hydrocolloid bandages are often used for wound care and also effectively draw out the muck under your skin, ie. pimples. These stay on overnight (adherence being a key positive in lots of reviews) and are also nearly invisible on the skin, making it perfect for daytime use too. Lots of people use these to provide pain relief from acne as it reduces tension under the skin and helps pimples come to the surface! Works best on surface pimples about to pop so it can seep up the good stuff. A case study would be a spot on the nose that glasses were rubbing up against: two patches later, the spot (and subsequent blemish) were healed up and comfortable despite contact with abrasive glasses. For skin pickers, having that barrier helps you leave your skin alone and allow it to heal too. 

We hope this blog has given you a little more background into COSRX as you start (or continue) your skincare journey. Learning more about the intention behind brands is always a good way to understand why you choose each product you take home.

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