Aigoo Loves... Stalogy Notebooks

Aigoo Loves... Stalogy Notebooks

Aigoo loves: Stalogy notebooks

For those searching for a reliable, everyday notebook, look no further than the Vintage Notebooks by Stalogy. This Japanese brand takes its name by blending “standard” and “technology”, and their brand motto is “what should have been, is”. Stalogy celebrates a return to form and functionality in a time where aesthetic commonly reigns supreme over substance.

At Aigoo, we love cute things – but we also want our products to be of the highest standard. That’s why we’ve selected the Stalogy Vintage Notebooks to become a part of our stationery range. But what is it about this simple notebook that’s so special?

Function comes first for Stalogy, and their thoughtful design shines in the creation of the Vintage Notebooks. The 6mm line spacing is wide enough to easily handwrite your thoughts, and the paper is made of 81.4g paper. This means that fountain pens won’t bleed through – it’s welcoming to ink pens, ballpoints, and pencils alike, making it super durable and versatile.

We also love the packaging of the Vintage Notebooks, which are covered in a type of paper called gokanshi. This paper elevates the notebook from a plain, boring colour, adding fun texture to your book. Its embossed, dimpled feel makes it especially pleasing to run your fingers over and touch!

Finally, the Vintage Notebooks come in six different colours, making it useful for those that wish to separate their subjects into different notebooks. From a professional, deep black, to a cheerful, playful yellow, the Stalogy Notebooks are designed to please everyone with their bold colours.

We regularly stock these notebooks at our stores and online – drop by and feel how beautifully designed the Stalogy Vintage Notebooks are!

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