Aigoo Loves... Rom&nd Lip Tints

Aigoo Loves... Rom&nd Lip Tints

"Aigoo Loves..." is a series featuring our bestselling products and unpacking what makes them so loveable!

This week, we're listing three reasons why we're obsessed with Rom&nd's cult lip tints.

Who are Rom&nd?

There's no K-Beauty without lip tints. Richly pigmented and softly staining, lip tints can sheer out to give you a versatile range of looks from bright and bold to soft and sweet. 

Rom&nd (pronounced "rohm-and") aren't just experts in lip tints. In fact, this company is a collaboration with celebrity makeup artist and YouTube, Saerom Min (you might also know her as Gaeko). Each product is tested by Min and her family, and every colour is curated to be as complementary as possible! 

Why are Rom&nd's lip tints so popular?

Rom&nd have several kinds of lip tints, but their Juicy Lasting Tint is the most popular. 

1. These tints feel amazing! 

Firstly, the texture of these lip tints are incredibly satisfying. They give an instant glow to the lips with their shiny finish, making them look plump and moisturised. Like a lot of Korean lip tints, they also smell delicious - the Rom&nd tints have a sweet candy scent to them. 

2. Every shade under the sun

Rom&nd's lip tints also come in an extensive range of shades, meaning there's a shade out there for everyone. We have three shades we love in particular: 

#7 (Jujube) - the perfect 'your-lips-but-better' shade that want an immediate glow-up without trying too hard. 

#12 (Cherry Bomb) - a classic cherry-red shade for a bright pop of colour when you're feeling fun. 

#17 (Plum Coke) - don't let the dark colour put you off: Plum Coke can be blended to a gorgeous pink colour, or applied thickly for a glossy, gothy lip. 

3. Fuss-free application

Where other lip tints may dry your lips, emphasise flaky areas, or cling onto patches, the Juicy Lasting Tints stain your lips evenly for easy application. 

They're also medium-staining, meaning that they'll stay on your lips, but won't ruin your clothes/cups. 

Where can I get them?

Aigoo stocks Rom&nd regularly - either purchase from the website or come in store at BOXPARK, Shoreditch or Putney Exchange to test them out for yourself! 

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