Aigoo Loves... Monami Pens

Aigoo Loves... Monami Pens

Monami is one of Korea's most famous stationery brands, made popular by their motto: “A pen readily available for anyone, anyplace, anytime.”

Each pen is engineered with maximum comfort, style, and quality in mind, whether basic or luxury. Aigoo stocks plenty of Monami pens, and we've picked our favourite ones to introduce you to the best of Korean stationery design. 

1. For those with small handwriting: The Jell Line Gel Ink Pen

Anyone with small handwriting understands the struggle of using big, bulky pens that clog up your small letters. At best, it's inconvenient; at worst, it makes your notes totally illegible. 

Korean stationery uses finer nibs than most Western pens, and this will suit those with smaller handwriting just perfectly. The gel ink provides a deep, clear, colour that will stand out on paper, and the thin barrel is great for those with smaller hands, too. 

The Jell Line pens come in three colours: red, blue, and black. It's a great starter pen for students or young professionals. 

2. For the suave businessperson: The 153 Black and White

Sometimes, you need a good, weighty pen for the office - something understated, practical, yet elegant. 

The 153 Black and White pens are the suitable for those working in jobs. They each come in a matte finish for a professional look, and they're designed in two simple shades: black and white. The body is made of metal, which feels sophisticated, but doesn't tire the hand. Plus, it's compatible with our Monami refills, which makes it a great investment. 

3. For the fun-loving calligraphist: The Olika Fountain Pen

If you're into calligraphy, chances are you'll want high-quality pens in as many colours as possible. Life's too short to stick with just black and blue writing!

The Olika Fine pen allows you to explore your favourite colours at an affordable cost. The metal nib is durable and allows for an effortlessly smooth ink flow. Each pen is also equipped with a rubber grip, so you have a more stable hold on your Olika pen. It comes in ten vibrant colours - and if you decide you have a favourite colour, there's refills available, too! 

4. For the detailed doodler: The Plus Pen 3000

Let's say you're on the lookout for some pens that will enable you to do some fine cross-hatching, or precise linework. Look no further than the Plus Pen 3000, which comes in multiple shades to unleash your creativity. 

The Plus Pen 3000 has a 0.4mm nib, so you can create the thinnest of lines - or lay it flat for extra thickness. There's a fantastic variety of shades, ranging from standard office colours, to bold, bright tones, and softer pastels. 

5. For the trendy student: The Pastel Highlighter

If you're looking to have the same pastel aesthetic as other students, you should try Monami's Pastel Highlighters. There's six shades for you to choose from, and each shade is designed to be as easy on the eye as possible, whilst still making an impression on the page. 

The highlighters come with a chisel tip of 5mm to create smooth lines on the page. The ink is water-resistant and fast-drying, reducing the changes of messy smudging. The cap is also designed to be as secure as possible, so it won't accidentally uncap and ruin your pencil case. 

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