Introducing... Sister Jane!

Introducing... Sister Jane!

You know we love anything that's cute, fun, and quirky - and that's why we're obsessed with Sister Jane!

Who are Sister Jane?

Sister Jane is a London-based fashion brand that try to explore fashion beyond fast fashion's schedule. They release small but high-quality drops every 6-8 weeks, which reduces waste. 

Sister Jane's philosophy is dreamy, yet dramatic - there's always a playful twist on classic silhouettes such as smock dresses and blouses. 

We also stock their other label, DREAM, which is like Sister Jane's older sister! Clothes from the DREAM label cost a little more, but the brand makes up for it with more embellishment and attention to detail. 

What sizes are their clothes? 

Sister Jane recently introduced a new sizing system, which means anything we stock from April 2022 will have two new sizes: MP (UK12), and LP (UK16). For more information, see here

What's in the new drop?


The theme of the new drop is 'Wish You Were Here'. Think Italian coastlines, fresh fruit, and clear skies! 

We're stocking six items from the collection, four dresses and two blouses. Our favourites are the Picture Perfect Midi Dress, the Lemon Laurel Mini Dress, and the Gelato Scallop Blouse! They've each got tons of personality, and they're amazing pieces to add to your wardrobe. 



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